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Armrest Top Hidden Storage for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y

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  • CUSTOME-FIT: Perfect fit for 2016-2021 2022 Tesla Model 3 Model Y/Clever use of the unused space in the armrest/Add Storage Function to the armrest/1:1 manufactured—no hinder to original function/DIBMS Armrest Hidden Storage Box—Neat Look with Functionality to keep your Tesla Tidy & Clean
  • PRIVATE STORAGE SPACE: Additional hidden armrest storage space for small items or valuables, like cash, wallet, credit card, ID card, Tesla Key Card, key, driver’s license, backup SD card, U disk, tissue, lipstick, post-it, etc./Easy slide to open and close
  • PREMIUM MATERIAL: High-quality ABS material—Sturdy & Durable/No crack risk/Even edge, Perfect radian, Smooth surface—won’t hurt your hands and your beloved Tesla
  • EASY TO INSTALL: 1-minute installation—Peel off the tape covers on both sides & Embed it into the underside of the armrest lid/super-sticky tape to keep it tight in place/Easy to put in and take out (one-piece tape, no sticky residue)
  • OEM STYLE: Pure black/Matte finish/Built-in installation/Integrated with the armrest/Consistent with the original Tasteful Tesla style/DIBMS Armrest Hidden Storage Box—looks like it came with the car