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First of all, this is NOT the official Tesla Store. We are an aftermarket Tesla accessories seller.

OHO Tesla Accessories Shops was founded by a group of Telsa owners who share the same passion for our Teslas. Thanks to all the Tesla community members, we already have thousands of happy customers in just a few months.

We are adding more and more products every month. Everything we sell, we tried them on our own cars to make sure they work perfectly. We source from quality suppliers directly to ensure you also get the best deal.

We are offering worldwide shipping now!

#1 Must Have - 1000+ Sold

New Arrival for Fall & Winter

Floor mats are a must-have item for Fall-Winter weather, to protect your car from mud and snow, and ice melt salt that can damage your car interior.

We found the manufacturer of one of the best-selling floor mats on Amazon (with a 4.7-star rating) and buy directly from them, so you could save more than $40 dollars!

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